Saturday, December 16, 2023

Glorious Fog

I could watch chilled fog for days and days...

Click below for a cool video from Jeff Garcia.


Revenant Manor said...

I've used a similar setup in the cemetery for a couple years now, and LOVE not ever having to mess with ice anymore. (and, have plans to build a mini version for a separate area this year)

I didn't see the background in the video or description, but for interested parties, the concept here is 'Robert's Fogger' and I believe was first introduced in its most rudimetary form by Youtuber 'Intocoasters' about 4-ish years ago.

Since then, as per usual in the Halloween community, there have been a number of refinements, and I think the definitive source on those is from the gentleman behind 'Oak Lane Cemetery'...for anyone looking to investigate or build a system like this, I'd recommend checking out the various builds and rebuilds on his YouTube channel.

Rot said...

Thanks for sharing that information!