Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Horse Hell

"The key to getting a creative costume is to take something you like, whether it is horse related or not, and find a way to make the rider and horse a part of it."

The human need to humiliate and torture pets/animals confuses me.


~Scout~ said...

Oh Gawd... especially horses. They are so sensitive about stuff like that.

Pam Morris said...

oh geez, I nearly keeled over at the second pic! got 2 horses myself and believe me, you phrased it perfectly, "horse hell". Ha! they do NOT like to be laughed at! thanks for a good laugh!

Pam Morris said...

oh, man, me again...but just had to say I've got tears running down my face after looking at the horse and rider blog..not sure which one I laughed the hardest at but my heart went out to several of these guys (the horses, mind you) the scuba diver with flippers on, the buffalo, the poor McDonald's guy with a hamburger on his head...oh, stop me, please...hilarious!

Shotgun_Mario said...

the batman symbol is upside down :P