Tuesday, February 16, 2010


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FoolishCop said...

It's too bad this is a theme park in Merry Olde England otherwise it looks like it would be a cool place to visit. This is part of a new ride they've created called Th13teen due to open in March: http://www.altontowers.com/thirteen/theride/

Even better is they're looking for test riders. Well, I don't know if that's really "better" as I prefer my rollercoasters to have all the kinks and derailments worked out before I get on them.

The Flickr link you gave has additional excellent pictures of the ride under construction. Great find!


screaminscott said...

Yeah, I was hoping it was in the US too.

I love the figures. It's hard to get the static figures to look like they are real people; the proportions are difficult to get right.

~Scout~ said...

Yikes! If I came across this display during a walk thru the woods, I'm fairly certain I might faint.

Bob said...

Hey Rot,

I actually got to visit Alton Towers back in 2001 when I was an exchange student for 3 months. The whole park is built around a real mansion/castle that was passed down through generations dating back to 1000BC. I'm sure there have been a ton of changes since 01, but it was a cool experience. The story is entirely fabricated but the fact that the place is real makes it spooky.
There was a short indoor ride but while in line they have TVs with the "legend" playing to get your imagination going, then after the ride you are (at least we were then) actually allowed to walk freely through the mansion, even up to the roof tops. It's all run down and vacant inside, and since my friends and I were there close to closing time, we got lost in the mansion and were actually locked in for a while. We had to bang on a large wooden gate that was padlocked for someone to let us out. It was a bit unsettling seeing as we had just been exposed to lots of stories about the place and it was starting to get dark. Thinking back now, it may have been cool to be in there longer and experience something.

Sara said...

Wraiths. I love those! I am racking my brain trying to remember where in my childhood I use to see those....was it The Ledgend of Zelda? I'm pretty sure they appeared in a beloved video game of mine...Gah! It's driving me nuts. Anyway, good to see these freaky creatures again.

Pam Morris said...

this is good...especially creepy due to the sheer numbers of these wraiths

Jay's Shadow said...

I would love to have these in my backyard.(but then my dog would stop at each one and pee on them)

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Oh my, I will be in the UK in November!!! I could go see this! So happy, thanks for sharing.