Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Birth of Man-Eating Robots

What we have here is a belt. The white thing is a belt that's covered in honey. So it operates just like standard flypaper. Flies would be attracted to that honey. They'd land on the belt, get stuck, as you can see it is moving down very, very slowly, and right underneath here there's a blade and the blade scrapes off any insects that have become stuck to the honey. They fall into the microbial fuel cell underneath. And this is the device that turns that organic matter into electrical energy.

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Rot said...

Best part of the article:

"With the exponential growth of robotic technology and AI it seems tempting fate to give robots a taste of organic matter as an energy source. This is something not even postulated by the Terminator movies, that the robots would eat us for energy. If you're going to make eating robots at least make them vegetarian only."

Couldn't agree more.

Goneferalinidaho said...

Where's the "like" button for your blog?

Rot said...

That sounds complicated : ) said...

part of me hates the idea of being cocooned inside some warm, moist generator for a monster robot. the other part of me likes it for the same reason.