Wednesday, March 16, 2011


"Since i was very young i have always been terrified of aliens and any thing to do with them, Just the though of the big eyes long fingers and big heads make me want to scream and cry. One night while i was laying in bed it must of been about 2:00AM i was wide awake every one else seemed to be asleep, My bedroom is at the top of the stairs so if you look up the stairs you can see into my room, depending on wether the door is open or not. Anyway this paticular night i heard noises down stairs like footsteps and hushed whispers, I was frightened and wanted to call out to someone like my parents but for some reason i couldnt i was to terrified to move or speak. I though maybe if the thing downstairs didnt know i was awake they wouldnt come up. But as if the "Thing" read my mind teh hushed whispers and footsteps came closer to the bottom of the stairs then when i knew the "THING" was at the bottom of the stairs the voices and footsteps stopped, and it all went silent. When it goes silent thats when you start to worry."



Anonymous said...

yea, something about aliens taking you away from your comfy safe home to their mother ship to do horrible experiments by cutting open your body and poking your insides wouldn't make me happy.....

i'd rather meet the boogie man or some horrific monster. at least he would kill me right away.

J S said...

You know who the very first alien abduction was? Bugs Bunny.

The wabbits is coming