Friday, June 14, 2013

Kneel Before Zod

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The Gill-Man said...

LOVED the score to this one! Really enjoyed the flick, but Zimmer's soundtrack was a major highlight

Amy said...

I gotta say, I was very disappointed. The last 30 minutes felt like a combination of Transformers and Independence Day. Russell Crowe was the best part by far.

And the friggin Ihop and Sears adds..Jesus.

Rot said...

God, I hated Transformers.
And Independence Day.

And I wasn't too fond of Trek Into Darkness either...seems they all want to go so over the top to make us happy and they just make us miserable.

We're going to check Man of Steel out this coming week after work (when no one's in the theater).
: )

Willow Cove said...

Great, one of the things I love about Superman is Krypton. I hope they don't screw up the look of Krypton

Amy said...

Nail on the head Rot. Looking forward to your review.

I was beyond excited for MOS. The deluxe soundtrack was waiting at my door on Friday and we listened on the way to the theater! I had a bad feeling in th first 5 minutes. The potential was there, Krypton was ok, but they go nuts with the cgi and the delivery of some of the dialogue is very weak. Costner & Crowe were good, I know Michael Shannon can act, but this made me think twice. The fact that Nolan or Snyder Whored themselves out and incorporated Ihop into the script is unforgivable.

Doesn't touch any of the dark knight films..i will shut up now.

Just so mad

Amy said...

I couldn't have got to be bleeping kidding me.

Rot check out the Hans Zimmer sketchbook track when you get a chance.

Rot said...

Love that track.
Such a long one.