Monday, June 24, 2013



Anonymous said...

Neb-Senu got tired of watching all of those people everyday....

Willow Cove said...

I am glad I scrolled down on the comments of that page and saw the history channel ancient aliens guy. He cracks me up! I wanna get a beer with him!

Sara said...

@ Willow Cove lol! I'm glad other people think like that(in reference to the beer comment). My husband and I have a list of people we want to have over for dinner. I think the ancient Aliens guy should be on that list. ;)

And @Jay, I'm LOL'ing at your comment but I haven't checked out the link yet. Maybe it's because it's 6:15 in the freaking morning over here. Loopy Central!

Ok, Rot. I'm done hijacking your comment threads. :)

Rot said...

Would love to meet the Ancient Aliens guy.

You HAVE To have him over for dinner. : D

girl6 said...

Ohhhh man!!!...i NEVER get enuff of these old Universal movie stills...<3333333
& i've got a thing for Imhotep... : D

ahahahahrrrrahahah..Ohhh WC!!!
that dude totally gives "Eraserhead" a Run for his $$$$...hahahahha.
heyyyy, maybe, you could guest host on the show with him...Seriously, stuff like that happens sometimes, when people write in, with a good idea.

Ohhhh & this reminds me of when we saw Ramses II, in the mummy room, of the Cairo Museum....hahhahahaha...poor dudes body (mummy) was sooo twisted up---as if he died of a Horrible fright... :(:(:(
i really shouldn't laugh..NO disrespect meant, it was just soo Wild..