Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mr. Dark's Pandemonium Shadow Show

Images by girl6.


Anonymous said...

Creepy good stuff.

Willow Cove said...

She is gonna burst when she sees this post! ;)
& she takes REALLY GREAT photos btw...Love her page.

ShellHawk said...

GREAT pictures!

And I need those monster feet made as slippers for me. I would totally rock them!

Unknown said...

Something wicked this way comes.

Sara said...

creepy creepy creepy.

girl6 said...

Jay!!!!! really, Really, REALLY, need to go to one of these Haunter's Conventions, Especially since they totally Exist for you guys, the Serious Haunters.
You should make plans to meet up with Rania next year & do it up right!!!!...i think you guys would have so Much fun meeting each other & hanging out...Maybe, more people would want to meet up too...But regardless, do it..NOW'S
the time to make some FUN Memories & save them, so you can spend them up, on those those rainy days in the far future... :)

Willow Cove!!!!..aahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!
You are tooooo Funny... :):):)
AND THANK YOU soooo Much for the Lovely compliment!...<33333333
i'll see you on Flickr soon, i've been pretty sick lately..

Thanks ShellHawk!!!!.. :):):)
and i Totally Agree with you, You MUST HAVE YOUR very Own Koo Koo, the Bird Girl slippers!!..hahahha..
they are sooooo TOTALLY right up Your Alley too!...<333

Keep lettin it out Girl...<3
Cracks me up!... : D

hello Kyle von..:)

AND Rot..ONLY YOU, could find the Perfect Home for these Misfit kids...and what i mean is, Thank You soooo Much, for linking them in with One of my MOST Favorite Stories Ever!!..<3333333333333
You're the Best homie!.. :):):)

Oh & i wish i woulda commented sooner, but, i've been pretty sick...101.7 fever & as of Now, i have been without my voice for 3 days...ughhhhhhhh...i'm on antibiotics for the next few

Thanks Again for the post dude!!..<33333333

Rot said...

Feel better!
That's terrible news.