Friday, October 4, 2013


October 4th:  High of 85 today.
You know what would cool this off?  A hurricane.

(That's how the Universe thinks.)

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bean said...

I am not pleased with this weather.

At this rate, I'm never gonna get my pumpkin latte. :(

Rot said...

just not in the mood.

stupid weather

Sara said...

Wow, bean, you have crazy self-control! I held out to the second week it premiered at Starbucks back in Spetember, lol.

This pic is really cool!

Jay's Shadow said...

I will be putting together the haunt tomorrow, so maybe it will chase away this crappy heat.

Amy said...

This is my fault.

I remember Bean saying that she refused to drink a pumpkin latte until the temps are consistently in the 60's. I agree, but I have always had this fear that one year we would go through the entire month of October, and the temps would never get below 70.

I said to take advantage of those 60 degree days in Sept, because you never know what October will bring. I think that's what caused this heat wave : (

Ragged Grin said...

Exactly...who do we see about this? It's ridiculous!


Steve Ring said...

It's scary windy and cold, here. More appropriate, maybe, but hardly desirable.

Johnny Love said...

90's here right now. :( They do say it could be in the 60's with some rain mid week which would be amazing. However, then it looks like 70's/80's up until Halloween.

Why can't Los Angeles be on the east coast?