Thursday, November 7, 2013

Coming (Not So) Soon

This article about another horror film mentions that MR. JONES will be released theatrically in May 2014.
Now THAT would be surreal.

THE NIGHTMARE is the sixth film produced by Preferred Film & TV (PFT), the joint venture between Content Media Corporation (CMC) and Preferred Content.  Recent films include; Alistair Legrand's intense horror film THE DIABOLICAL; Nicholas McCarthy's THE PACT, which was a UK box office hit and release by IFC Midnight; Dallas Hallam and Patrick Horvath's THE PACT 2 which is currently in post-production and also acquired by IFC Midnight; Karl Mueller's MR. JONES which will be released theatrically in May by Anchor Bay and Paul Solet's DARK SUMMER which is also in post-production.

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Holy Tarra said...

Too weird!!!! I was just wondering about the theatrical release this morning and trying to imagine what it would be like to see your own brain child on the big screen. Surreal is exactly the word that came to mind : 0
I can't wait.......gonna be on the front row with my giant tub of popcorn!

Joel said...

Admirably weird.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Why must they make us wait....