Thursday, November 21, 2013

You Shall Not Purchase Snacks

So the vending machine located by the doors of the department in which I work is broken.  The dollar slurpy thing won't slurp dollars, so someone put a photo of Gandalf with the words "Bills Shall Not Pass" written on it.  In that work environment, I assure you this was rather funny.  The work curve in full effect.  As I type this now, I realize this is not funny at all.  Well, maybe a little.

Anyway, three people came up to me and informed me that they knew I was the one who had placed the paper wizard on the machine.  I protested stating that I didn't even care for Lord of the Rings.  To the last person I shouted "AND I HATE HARRY POTTER TOO!" 

And those stupid Dementors.


Rot said...

I'm thinking for murders, religious statue defacings, and paper wizard humor, I'm on a very short list of suspects with everyone I work with.

Not good.

And if I ever see bigfoot or a UFO, no one will believe me.

Willow Cove said...

Hilarious! I'm in charge of the tool room at work where projects are made/ fixed etc. I found a "danger! Do not use" engraved sign while spring cleaning. I placed it on the chopsaw as a joke and left for two days. I caused such a flurry of emails that went to my boss's boss. "Who broke the chopsaw !?! I shut down an urgent project and had to tell everyone sorry. No more jokes for me.
For a while...

Sara said...

I didn't care for the LoTR but I usually keep that mum.

I did however adore Harry Potter which, I know, is no real surprise. LOL.

When I worked in an office there was never any funny office humor. It sucked. So I live vicariously through your office humor. :) Thanks!

Ragged Grin said...


don't know if I've seen that tag before. :)

Ma'an...why'd you break that bill thing? Just to stick Frodo's Grampa on there...sigh.

Rot said...

I just want to make sure we're clear...I wasn't the guy who put the wizard there.

ShellHawk said...

I got the stinkeye in the theater while watching the part of LOTR where the giant statues are holding their hands out.

Because I couldn't resist singing, "STOP! In the naaaaamme of loooove!"

Some people have no sense of humor.

Liz Dearth said...

BRUUUUHAHAHAHAAAA!!! Stop, in the name of love...great! :)

...I thought the LOTR reference was funny. Glad you shared, as most office days are dismal, at best. :-\ meh.

girl6 said...

hahahahaha..that's Hilarious!!!
makes ya wish you had video of the act in progress..i wonder if the culprit cracked themselves up. ...hahahhahaha!!