Sunday, November 17, 2013


You know what he's NOT thinking in this photo?
"This is really a helmet on a very human-looking Engineer creature."

Ridley Scott is officially placed into the George Lucas Hall of Fame [for Ruining Great Things].

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bean said...


girl6 said...


that looks like Ganesha, totally.
i should pray to it.

i have Never liked George Lucas, he reminds me of the type who would throw a pout, take his toys & go took Jamie Kennedy for me to sorta tolerate him, (but still Not as George Lucas the director)
how i ended up with droves of Star Wars figures, i'll Never know..i sold them All tho for $$$$$$$$
i've moved on...i Do NOT like Star Wars at all really, i kinda Hate it Except for Lando Calrissian & Jar Jar, Yep, i Dig Jar Jar, he's so Ridiculous & Everyone HATES him, so i LOVE him even more, he's such a misfit.

i Don't Dig Steven Spielberg at all..he's such a Eff'n Faker!...he's like a shallow shadow of the human spirit, Yet he's a Zillionaire & hardly anyone knows who someone like John Sayles is..whateves.

& as for Ridley, well, he's Very Very Very Self Aware...the one thing that i REALLY respect about him is, how he gave Dan O'Bannon the time of day, how he let him collaborate on Alien with him...cause come on Walter Hill & David Giler wanted to SCREW Dan outta his credit..they wanted to take away his screenwriting credit...what a Bunch of Entitled Bitches!..and you know what, Ridley coulda jumped on the bandwagon & Screwed Dan as well, But he did the Right thing & gave Dan back his dignity....All the other stuff surrounding Ridley i could care less the end of the day, he Wasn't a man bitch, like so many other dudes in Hollywood are..

Anonymous said...

All of the great prop makers and there visions have been pretty much left behind because of the digital age.
I want to go back to the stone ages when everything was made by hand.

girl6 said...

Duel has it's special moments & it influenced the beginning of "Jeepers Creepers", which i absolutely Love.

& i guess, Close Encountes is also Special....but i Don't know SS makes me sad..i just wish he wanted more.
he could be so Much More, instead of a machine... : (

you're right Jay's Shadow!.
& what Really makes me sad is when people make fun of Ray Harryhausen & say his work looks Hokey or Corny.
that is so Mean!!

Joel said...

I tried watching Prometheus again the other night. Had to turn it off about 20 minutes in - the dialogue alone is borderline asinine.

Personally I think the movie is visually gorgeous, and I can appreciate good digital work because it's still the product of design, hard work, and craftsmanship. Just a different route to realizing a vision.

But beyond that the movie is more or less a huge disappointment to myself and most Alien fans I know. :/ Doesn't give me a whole lot of faith about what Scott has in store for Blade Runner.