Sunday, November 17, 2013


More images by Hallowaltz here.


Anonymous said...

Great pic.

I miss October.

Frankenrock said...

Hey! One of my pics gets posted up on the pumpkinrot blog on my birthday! How cool is that? :)

Thanks brotha!

girl6 said...


this should be a Christmas card, the spirit of Halloween should be kept alive all year.

Rot said...

agreed, girl6.

and happy bday, man!
I had no idea, so this is very cool.

girl6 said...

Mega Cool dude!

&..Happy B.Day Hallsy!!!. :)

girl6 said...

ohhhhh & i told Jay's Shadow, he should print one of his jack pics up & Rania too.

they would make for Beautiful & Unique Xmas cards!!!.

& of course bean toooooo.

Frankenrock said...

Thanks guys!

Rot.. I got a Southern Tier Warlock 20oz as a gift. Tastes even better than their Pumking. An imperial stout brewed with the same Pumking spice. Best beer I've had this year. Halloween in a bottle. Don't pass it up if you'd happen to come across it.

Rot said...

i'll keep an eye out for that.

Willow Cove said...

Happy B-day HW!
And yes, I miss October too.
Greetings cards please
Or at least a calendar.
Halloween times 12....

Ragged Grin said...

I know Hector Turner does a pretty extensive one, but I've thought about it fir personal use. Strictly single pics per month, mainly Jacks and Scarecrows.

Sara said...

Happy belated Hallowaltz. I tried posting yesterday but my computer was stubborn.

I love this Jacko. The eyes have it.