Thursday, November 14, 2013

Good GOD Do I Hate Bette Midler


Adam said...

Did you actually watch Hocus Pocus yet?

Rot said...

Not yet...i have to ease into this.
Similar to when someone is trying to prevent the bends.

Anonymous said...

I think we should strap you into a chair with your eyes forced to stay open, like in Clockwork Orange.

This movie is true horror.

Wikkedmoon said...

It may require some alcohol...

Holy Tarra said...

It may also require some insulin to be able to tolerate little Thora Birch and her brother. Seems like it could of been an okay movie if they hadn't overdone it so much on the "stupid silly" stuff.

girl6 said...

& yet..she is soooo LOVED by the male gay community!. : D


Rot said...

proving definitively that I am, in fact, not gay.

girl6 said...

dude..i Hope you weren't upset over the gay thing..Honestly.

people think i'm gay ALL the time
they think i'm After "their man"
i Can't help it that i'm Friendly, read comic books & can hang with the best of them.

it's HARD on me sometimes, you know, with being the Perfect Woman to all the sexual preferences out there..

it is tho.. :(

: D

Rot said...

not at all : )
i thought the whole thing was hilarious.