Monday, December 30, 2013

Havisham Jewelry

"On this day of the year, long before you were born, this heap of decay," stabbing with her crutched stick at the pile of cobwebs on the table but not touching it, "was brought here. It and I have worn away together. The mice have gnawed at it, and sharper teeth than teeth of mice have gnawed at me."

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Rot said...

There should be jewelry/clothing lines for famous characters in movies and books.

I'd sport things from the Peter Cushing Clothing line.

Joel said...

I thought Gillian Anderson killed it in this role.

Rot said...

I didn't see that performance, but I dig Gillian Anderson a lot.

When i was looking for photos for the blog post, I saw that Helena Bonham Carter played the part as well..and I wanted to scream.
I'm not a fan of her work and she's ALMOST on my Bette Midler list. Almost.

bean said...

I can't stand Helena Bonham Car de blah de blah...I wish she hadn't played a character I love.

Gillian Anderson is dreamy...Loved her in "The Fall."

Steve Ring said...

Yeah, the one with Skully as Miss Havisham is oozing with atmosphere. Really stark. And she handles the role appropriately. There's room to argue about the adaptation of the actual story but it looks Ace.