Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I remember being young and loving snow.  And snow days. 
Our office closed at 8am and we were dumped onto icy roads in heavy snow.

I currently need a drink.


screaminscott said...

Yeah, our office was closed Friday and Monday because of an ice storm here in Dallas. And everything over the weekend was cancelled. Had cabin fever by Sunday!

girl6 said...

well, Thanks be you're Home now.
i Hope you had that drink.

i NO like snow, gets in my way. :D

& Please stop with the when you were young, cause you Still are. thinking that way, is what makes people age & then become old. look at someone like Johnny Depp, he's Ageless, cause he has a Young heart..Can't believe he's 50.

BE SAFE Everyone!.

Rot said...

I did indeed have that drink : )

Anonymous said...

I wish my company would close. But NOOOO, we have to get that junk mail out.

I still had fun driving home in it this morning though. I know. I'm disturbed.

I love my 4 wheel drive.

girl6 said...

i think you had more than just "that" drink...hahahahha!

ohhhhhhh & look how Bossy i am...hahahahha

Rot said...


Sara said...

Johnny Depp is 50? I feel sorry for every 50 year old man who isn't him.

Also, driving in snow/ice is so freaking scary. Stay warm!

Ragged Grin said...

That's right, didn't occur to me then, but hope everyone out your way is ok. Scary amount of snow over philly way.