Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Purge

We really REALLY dug this movie.

Click below for a  track from the film score.


Anonymous said...

Want to see it. Looked good.

Rot said...

Didn't disappoint.
Nice pace and a ton of appreciated tension.

Felt real. They did a great job establishing that world.

Marrow said...

Saw this with some friends the other night. Really liked most of it (that slow-motion shot of the axe-wielding girl skipping down the hall is still on repeat in my head), but I felt there were too many family-about-to-be-killed-but-saved-by-other-character-turning-up moments. Though the news report narration over the end credits was pretty chilling.

364 long days till the next Purge!

Willow Cove said...

I agree. Loved it. Kept me thinking about for days. The ramifications of purging. How could you face your neighbor who tried to get you this year? "See ya next year, Fred!"

Sara said...

Craaap. I completely forgot about this movie ven though I was DYING to see it. Good to know it's on DVD now.

Shani said...

We just saw this recently and also really liked it. Some very tense moments for sure. Definitely makes you think about not pissing off any of your neighbors =)