Wednesday, December 11, 2013


What if you never had to worry about food again? 
For many people, on many occasions, food is a hassle, especially when trying to eat well. Suppose we had a default meal that was the nutritional equivalent of water: cheap, healthy, convenient and ubiquitous. Soylent will be personalized for different body types and customizable based on individual goals. It allows one to enjoy the health benefits of a well balanced diet with less effort and cost.

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This notion appeals to me.  And if I find out it's made from homeless people, I'd still eat it.


Cranky Amy said...

It's a joke, right, right??

OMG, it's not a joke????

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting and scary at the same time. But the way I eat, I could go for it.

Rot said...

I thought it was a joke at first too.
I'd love to do this for breakfast and lunch....
I grew up with a mother who never cooked with butter or salt or anything my taste buds are already halfway there.

Cranky Amy said...

I spent a good 3 to 4 minutes going through that website looking for the "it's a joke, no worries" declaration. Then saw how young the people who were running it were and started to think that maybe they didn't actually discuss this with anyone old enough to throw the 'green' onto the name of their product name. Geez louise.

girl6 said...

yeah man...wait.
what's that stuff made of people called? has the same name soylent green or something, & then there's the brown, the yellow, etc.