Tuesday, January 21, 2014


A load of snow in the forecast.
Kinda tired of it.



Anonymous said...


Sara said...

I heard about another winter vortex headed your way.:( it sucks. I have relatives in north Michigan and every winter the seasonal depression really affects them.

Stay warm.....maybe work will be cancelled again?

Rot said...

Thanks : )
Work was closed today, so that was cool. Shoveled this junk..almost 13 inches of it.
As i looked with envious [Martian] eyes at the neighbor down the block with a snow blower.

girl6 said...

winter & summer..Yuck...they're both terrible.. :(

Wikkedmoon said...

It was 80 degrees here the other day. Now we are expecting the next polar vortex mess. We don't do ice and sleet very well in ATX. I still think it's better than 105 degrees for 60 straight days in the summer. And no rain.

Stay warm and safe!