Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Unholy

Currently available on Fearnet.  I'm a fan of Ben Cross so I was hoping for the best.  I blame myself for expecting an Exorcist-like film. 

Click Satan's dwarfs for the trailer:



Pik-Cor said...

oh my...but, then again, it was the 80s.

girl6 said...

ahhh Ben...his first name is Harry, Ben is his middle name..i used to pine over him in the remake of "dark shadows"..i can't remember if it was good tho or not.

Rot said...

HUGE fan of Dark Shadows from the 90's...and in my memory it was wonderful : )

I bet it stunk.

girl6 said...

it's funny that i've been thinking of trying to see if i can rewatch the 90's version lately.
i Always wanted to be Victoria Winters..<3

there's Always "chariots of fire"... : D

Pik-Cor said...

I watched the 90s Dark Shadows a couple of years ago and you know, it's not bad. Sure there are some corny bits but Ben comes across, ahem, quite well. (My crush on Ben started after seeing him portray an idealistic Scottish doctor in 1920s Britain in The Citadel.)

Amy said...

The Unholy...You haven't got a PRAYER!

Reminds me of the trailers they did for Grindhouse.