Friday, September 19, 2014

Colonial Ghost

Years ago our son had the flu, and I sat on the edge of his bed one night and listened to my husband walk into the room behind me.  It's a colonial home so the floor boards creaked in the whole house.  I heard him come over and felt him sit on the bed behind me.  I turned and he wasn't there.

Told to me by the owner of a house-turned-restaurant  in Bucks County, PA (rumored to be haunted so I asked her about any experiences).

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Sara said...

I love stories like these, from actual people, told to us by them. Creepy. As. Hell.

Rot said...

she was cool too.
nice older lady who told us that she hated to do the wash in the basement due to the spooky factor, and she said, which made her seem really credible, that she would always yell down before she went down there "Please don't jump out at me..i'm coming down now" And then she added "And we never saw anything in the basement, so I guess they listened."
Someone telling lies would have addded some creepy crap about basement ghosts.

Anonymous said...

Man, I would love to sit down and listen to stories from someone like this.