Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Goodsprings Haunted House

LOVE these photos.

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Damian Michael AKA HalloweeNut said...

So cool.

kungfubonanza said...


I'm pretty sure I visited this haunt in 2003.

It was run by a bunch of folks from out in the county as a benefit for a high school football team, and that top picture is pretty much what the house looked like--creepy, scary, rickety, a little redneck. The haunt closed somewhere around 2010 because of safety issues...which didn't surprise me. Most haunted houses say "enter at your own risk" as a way to avoid liability, but others say it because, well, it's a risk to visit. Goodsprings fell into the latter category.

A story about my visit: Most haunts won't touch visitors due to liability and all that. Goodsprings didn't think that way. My group and I get to a room full of smoke and the smell of burned gas. Nobody's moving, and then, all the sudden, two or three big bubbas come out with chainsaws blazin'. One of them--a big dude in overalls and a sweaty mask--walks over to me, picks me up, and puts me down on a table. Some other dude holds me down while the big guy proceeds to fake chainsaw my legs with the bladeless chainsaw. All this is happening in a room full of smoke and noise and the smell of gas. He did the fake chainsaw thing for a few minutes, stopped, told me I could get up, and we were on our way. Me and my buds were completely stunned and amused by the scare and the apparent total lack of worry about lawsuits. It was a good time.


Rot said...

holy cow.
that is an AWESOME memory to have. and to share.
REALLY appreciate it.