Saturday, September 20, 2014

Trick 'R Treat Waxworks Release

The Trick 'r Treat soundtrack is getting the vinyl treatment.
Insane cover art by Francesco Francavilla.


And click here for some awesomeness from the film.


Anonymous said...


I need to watch this movie again.

Frankenrock said...

Awesome! I love this soundtrack. Hopefully some TrT2 news will pop up soon.

Did you ever see this? I'd totally buy a print of it. :)

Rot said...

I did see that a while back.
love it.
Yup. would love to hear an update on that sequel.
Love that it's going to happen.

Frankenrock said...

Speaking of vinyl.. check this shit out. Did you know there was a different soundtrack for the original Halloween? There's a Japan release with completely different music. This dude started posting vinyl rips on youtube. Shit is wild!

Just when I thought I knew everything about this movie. :)

Boyfriend and Susan?? Ha!

SharonF said...

I watch this movie so often that I keep it at my work desk to play on my iMac. Best Movie Ever! er, or at least one of my top 5. :)