Sunday, October 18, 2015

Now Playing: Return of the Shape: Halloween Theme Cover - John Carpenter's Halloween Tribute

By Halloween at High Noon's Monster Maker...


The Gill-Man said...

My head just exploded!!! Wow! Love how it is very much in the style of the soundtracks to Halloween II and III, yet sounds completely new and original!!

I know they can't sell this one...but damn!!! I want this for my collection!!

Rot said...

Was such a cool surprise.
Love when the theme kicks in.

girl6 said...

those boys...Lovers!!!!
dag man, they totally succeeded bringing a new flavour to a classic & Not ruining it either..Love it!!. : )

did ya notice the's 3:33

Steve Ring said...

Nice! I also enjoy that Return to Haddonfield score you posted awhile back.

Hal9thou said...

It's got that DJ Shadow kind of vibe. Love it.