Friday, October 2, 2015

The GoatMan

Soundtrack to the 1974 occult folk horror movie The GoatMan. Shown only once on TV, on the BBC2 Horror Double Bill (in place of the advertised program), the film disturbed many viewers with its depictions of demonic entities and graphic satanic rituals. It has never been shown again, perhaps it never will.

I love the notion of making film scores to films that never were.  Listening to this now at the office.  Window open behind me with the sound of wind and rain outside.  Pretty cool.

Click below for awesomeness...


highbury said...

Great find! I'm digging this one a lot!! Nice creepy atmosphere in each track.

Annabelle Lecter said...

Just started playing this and love that distinct vibe of that era when some of the most brilliant horror was created. Thanks Mr. Rot!

(and agree with W.J.!!!)