Friday, October 16, 2015


Always startling this time of year when the extended forecast reaches Halloween (well, the 30th).
Naturally, as is custom with these stupid models that never seem to be accurate past one day (and not even), it seems Halloween might be a wet one.


Anonymous said...

No no no no..........oh wait, I don't believe in weather forecasts.

Just as long as there is no snow again. Even though it made a good video.

girl6 said...

SO nerve racking!!
i.m sure flowers cringe at this kinda weather too.
Crazy Bad.

The Creeping Cruds said...

We are due a calm night after three years of hell weather.
Already did first battle with the weather gods last Friday for our annual Horror Hootenanny show. Weather forecast teetered on 80/90% chance of thunderstorms w hail for 10 solid days.
Then on the day it rained for 10 minutes at 3 in the afternoon and never rained again.
They only know so much.

LabyrinthCreations said...

this is why I don't do my walk-through haunted forest anymore-the bloody weather...sigh....but the props in the shed are whispering to me--their voices louder all the time. we have moved for the last time (I hope), so maybe next year?

Autumnleaf said...

Just too weird, this weather. 80+ degrees and drizzle. Starting to cut and pull pumpkins in for fear of rot while scratching the legs silly because of mosquito bites!

Sara said...

Autumnleaf, I am so over this weather. The Mosquitos are in full effect and I could just scream. I hate when a day starts out at 65 and ends up at 85 with 70% hair doesn't appreciate it either.

Amy said...

Don't believe the hype!

Even if that is accurate, rain with 10mph winds sounds like a cold front, which would leave us with a cool and clear 31st :)