Wednesday, March 30, 2016

He Will Lie To Confuse Us

What an excellent day for an exorcism.

You would like that?


But wouldn't that drive you out of Regan?

It would bring us together.

You and Regan?

You and us.


Rot said...

the reflection in that mirror to the left.

Pure genius.

Jay's Shadow said...

Yeah, that is something that you wouldn't be expecting.

Would love to know what they did for the levitation part too.

Adam said...

nope nope nope nope. who in the hell would have this in their home!!

girl6 said...

cause man, this movie..sigh
i'll always remember catching it on the big screen a few yrs back when it was re.released at the ritz. man, when the phone rang in the movie, i almost jumped straight out my body because it sounded (felt) like the phone was placed right beneath my seat, so strange, how real it felt, sorta scary too.

i love how the priests are portrayed in this movie. just regular dudes, hanging out with their contemps, having some beers & a few smokes. totally just dudes. i so love that, cause that's what they are, just dudes. i eat this movie up with an xtra big spoon, it's so homey, a little bit of me will always live there even. wonderful effects too. now that's a movie.

& father demi. omg...those eyes of his speak volumes. thank you jason miller.<333

girl6 said...

awwww Adam.. the "stuff" in this joint is out on a daily basis. : D

Colleen said...

In regard to the reflection in the mirror: is that you Captain Howdy?

girl6 said...


Adam said...

Girl6. This movie deeply got to me as a kid. Terrified me in ways nothing has since. It's perfect in every way. The music, the effects, the vocals. But it scared me so bad that no way in hell am I ever considering having something like that in my home hahah

girl6 said... are sooo right, this movie IS as perfect as it IS scary & vice versa. i think it's fans totally agree with you as well. i think i may have slighted the haunt tho with being so goofy & excited over the movie & i apologize for doing so. this homage to The Exorcist IS amazing, so much love & energy put into it.<333

& Adam...i promise to put all my creepy things away if you ever swing by. : )

Adam said...

Haha. Wait. I got tons of creepy stuff. I got no problem with creepy. But if you got this in your place I ain't never swinging by hahah

girl6 said...

Ohhhhh ok. got it.

Vintage Seance said...

So awesome! Seriously, one of the greatest scary movies of all time.