Sunday, March 27, 2016

Now Playing: Deep Cuts

By Flesh Creeps, from Halloween at High Noon.


girl6 said...

lovely little gory dirty still.
remember the creeper, at the end of the first film?. sitting at his work bench. just working away on darry, whose eyes he had replaced with glass mirrors, just like this..brrrrrrr

Rot said...

totally amazing scene.
Probably the only time a main and extremely likeable character was killed off and it didn't make me hate the movie.

Kinda love that it happened to such a nice kid. Very strange and truly terrifying.

girl6 said...

yeah, it's SO powerful & sad. unfortunately, it HAD to happen to darry. & the dread that feel while the camera slowly pans up to the creeper at work...omg. such a perfect horror film.