Thursday, March 17, 2016

It's War


The Gill-Man said...

SOOOOO much better than the Spielberg directed version with Cruise!

Patrick Nottingham said...

This terrified me as a kid. I loved this movie.

Rot said...

Totally agree.
and I detested the aliens design in the Cruise version.

The idea of the aliens having tripod legs was absurd... we don't build all of our war machines with two legs just because WE have two legs.
It's such a weak interpretation of an advanced intelligence.

Rot said...

Patrick, the film really captured the helplessness of humans.
Scared me as a kid too.

girl6 said...

scary stuff. we are no match for aliens. i always loved that alien & the scene too. his face reminds me of that electronic memory game SIMON & those hands are priceless, sooooo precious. this little dude is total love!!