Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Rainy Halloween

Love seeing photos where the rain had no effect on the celebration of the High Holiday.

Images by dolanh (an amazing photographer of Halloween).


Jay's Shadow said...

When I was a kid, weather had no effect on trick or treat night.

I remember going out when it was snowing.

girl6 said...

SO golden & lovely!!
just like the month of October..<3
you know, it's just about springtime now with summer not too far behind & you know what that means...Halloween is on the way!!!..the stores have probably even placed their Halloween/Fall merchandise orders by now & they're all just waiting out there, in different warehouses....waiting to be shipped!!.<3

Sara said...

That third picture is awesome. It sums up the magic of the holiday right there. I know haunters care if it rains but kids don't. The lighting in that shot is magical. Like a shot from a movie. Maybe it's because it's always hot and nasty on Halloween out here in CA but I do envy cold rainy weather on Halloween.

The Creeping Cruds said...

After four months of rainy gray weather I'd gladly welcome a moist Trick or Treat night..
Spring should break here in a couple of weeks.!

Anonymous said...

Wished there were house around my me like that during Halloween.