Sunday, November 6, 2016

2015 Photos

Going to slowly put all of the images from onto my blog.  The biggest complaint I get when people tell me they've visited my site's galleries is that they wish they could scroll through the images instead of clicking and closing each one.  And I get it. 

I have no plans to mothball though.  It'll be around as long as I am.

So click below for some Halloween 2015 scrollin'


Holy Tarra said...

I love this idea. I have never "formally filed" a complaint but have been frustrated at it not being easier to navigate. So yay!!!

Rot said...

just wish I knew how to build a photo box in Dreamweaver for my site.'s easier this way.

Haunted Eve said...

We have gotten the same complaint from friends too in regards to our own site over the years. We just don't want to get into using scripts or third party software on our own hosted domain site. Plus from an artistic perspective, we like how our yearly yard haunt "thumbnail collage" pages look. Our opinion is that if people are seriously interested in the photos, they can take the time to click on the thumbnails of interest. Perhaps someday we'll just keep the domain and point it to the Blogger site.