Saturday, November 26, 2016


Image by Daniel.


LabyrinthCreations said...

simple and cool

girl6 said...

NO Rest Here. they're all crawlin away. Sweet Setup!!!!.<333

graveyard scenes like this, especially with the red glow. will always instantly take me to the Macy's Christmas Carol homage, that they do every year (since the John Wanamaker days) it's one of the best things you could ever go to check out in center city during the holidays. i think you guys would LOVE it. take bean there sometime when everyone's at work. it's so cozy, spooky & lovely. each vignette of Scrooge's life is done with so much love. the figures are all handmade (wax i think) & the attention to detail is amazing, some even move, nice lighting effects etc. honestly, it's a haunters dream. & i think Christmas Carol may be like the greatest story ever told.

girl6 said...

grrrrrppps...i meant Strawbridge & Clothier but said..John W's
it's in his bldg now tho...but originally was down the street at S&C.