Thursday, November 17, 2016


He saw a ghost.
It occupied -- that dismal thing! --
The path that he was following.
Before he'd time to stop and fly,
An earthquake trifled with the eye
That saw a ghost.
He fell as fall the early good;
Unmoved that awful vision stood.
The stars that danced before his ken
He wildly brushed away, and then
He saw a post.

Jared Macphester

More photos and a video at the Johnnys Ghosts blog.


Rot said...

The video is mesmerizing.
Utterly mesmerizing.

All those moving ghosts in one location... wow

Jay's Shadow said...

I could just sit and watch those ghost all night.

The Gill-Man said...

The ghosts are truly amazing. He's also got the same eyeball projection I've used in the past, which has always been a big hit with the neighborhood. That's a pretty amazing set-up all the way around

Holy Tarra said...

Love the action of the ghost! Wish I was better at animating props. Definitely not my strong suit.

Willow Cove said...

I am blown away at his homemade ghosts. the mechanics are amazing!

Johnnysghost said...

Thank you for posting my video Pumpkinrot, and thanks for the comments! Always an honor to make your blog.