Friday, November 11, 2016

Cave Of The Demon

I love that there are kids in this person's neighborhood who must talk throughout the year of going to the Demon House on Halloween night.  This is becoming an annual feature and I love it.
May this guy always turn on the demon eyes and turn his porch into a strange techno-creepy tunnel/cave.

Click below for the photo set:


girl6 said...

wOw...the featured pic in your post is so thrilling!!! i loved seeing all those before, during & after shots, sucha generous thing to do. i bet this dude IS a big Goonies fan too!!..<333

& then there's that "work in progress" pic of the cave front with the twisted up pile of car bumper, bloody chair & other it.

Jay's Shadow said...

I would love to walk through that porch. He has it done SO well. The feel of that walkway looks excellent. I bet he has great ambient sounds blasting in there too.