Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House

You're going to have to trust me on this one and NOT go looking to view the trailer for this film.  Currently streaming on Netflix.  A slow-burn ghost story.  Incredibly well-made and atmospheric.  Genuinely spooky.  Written and directed by Anthony Perkins' son Osgood Perkins.

I guess making a trailer for a movie like this is a tricky thing.  You kinda HAVE to show all your "scares" to get people interested, but had I watched the trailer prior to watching the film, it would have taken away so much.  We went in blind and were so grateful for it.

So trust me!  Go watch it...  the film...NOT THE TRAILER.


girl6 said...

Thank You SO MUCH for posting this!! because, last night we were looking for something good to watch on netflix & we couldn't really find anything. i don't know how we missed this. i can't wait to check it out & will probably do so maybe even later tonight!!!! always so exciting to find a horror that we haven't seen before.

i just read up on it a little & it really pulled me in. Oz Perkins directed it & his bro Elvis did the music. & one of our favourite actresses Ruth Wilson (of BBC's Luther) is in the cast as well. & for some reason....i'm thinking of the skeleton key right now, but, i'm not going to read anymore until after i watch the movie.

i have 2 suggestions to pass on...
if ever, anyone is stuck & looking for a movie to watch.

Tale of Tales...3 fairy tales that are not only enchanted but also spiked with horror. told more in the vain of the original Bothers Grimm style. the 3 tales sorta weave thru each other too. it's an Italian production, sooooooo it's really good!! hahahahha...masters of horror..<3

We Are Still Here...has like a Fulci vibe. very pretty looking film, sorta like a walking stream of polaroids.

Rot said...

I was waiting to see who scored the film as it appealed to my ambient tastes greatly...loved seeing that it was another perkins boy. haha

girl6 said...

we watched!!
& liked it. awwwww & Oz even slipped a cameo of his pops in. did ya catch it? it's when Lily was watching the old western movie on tv. well, Anthony is the super closeup, firing the rifle. i think that's the movie where he played the sheriff, gahhhh, i'm sucha fan of his!!

yeah, nice movie. sleepy & lovely. made me think, that as hard as it is sometimes for the living to let go of the dead, maybe it's the same for the dead with letting go of the living. we don't know. i always thought, "jacob's ladder" did a great job of exploring life & death.

Carl thought any fans of this movie, might also like "a chronicle of corpses". an anerican gothic horror story directed by Andrew Repasky McElhinney (local boy & genius)

Rot said...

Thanks for that recommendation.

TOTALLY caught the cameo... I love Anthony Perkins and loved his directing style in PSYCHO III...(and acting, of course).