Friday, March 10, 2017

Begging For Candy


Jay's Shadow said...

Yeah, I'll have to agree with that one. I'd even be happy with a couple hundred thousand.

Willow Cove said...

Agreed. I'd have a wharehouse to store Halloween props.
And a crew, to help set it all up.

girl6 said...


Perfect like that time when there was a roast for Rob Reiner & Triumph the insult said stuff like, "did you swallow Carroll O'Connor whole" AND...."you look like Howard Hughes, but, without all the genius baggage" HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! yeah, that kinda Perfect. : )

Howard really is a keeper. he's gotta become a patron saint of eccentrics. <3

i dig the 2 houses this week & always SO happy to see those twinklies... :))))))

girl6 said...

omggggg....i meant to say Orson Welles!!!!!...ughhhhhhhh

Rot said...