Saturday, March 4, 2017

Now Playing: Scalar Wave

By Survive.


Evil Vines said...

How funny! I was just listening to Low Fog and then I stopped by your blog and saw this. Another great tune by Survive! I hope these albums are enough to hold me over until Stranger Things Season 2. So many months to go!!

girl6 said...

i've been wondering about this post but never clicked on. & finally the black spots on the moon GOT me...reminded me of flying bats at first & then i thought how the moon was possibly bitten by a, i clicked in & that tune is Lovely!!! sounds so full of hope & sunny a lovely sunny chillllly autumn day. sigh.

hope you're ok dude. hope the every.days aren't bitin on ya too hard. hope you're just having lots of fun doing good stuff or maybe just very busy with other preps & stuff.

ohhhhh & when i was listening to this tune....i looked over to the right of the screen & saw!!!!!!!!!! some video about snake plissken & the discovery of an alien attack at the Stardust from Feb ? 2017. what????? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA i gotta know.

take care Rot!!! : )

Rot said...

All is well here... still looking for Halloween blog stuff daily, but it's slim pickins out there.... but all is fine and normal : )

haha..totally have to know!

girl6 said...

yeah, it's almost the halfway point until Halloween.
blogging must be taxing, especially around this time of year.

maybe, you just need to be entertained by someone else for a bit. i always go over to adam green's i found out about his "digging up the marrow" on your blog in fact. i LOVE that movie!!! anyway, he really loves horror & gives a lot to his fans. i like to go over sometimes & checkout his podcasts, stuff like that. we synced the one, with the the director, of the original fright night, with our dvd or bluray, idk, & it was such a blast of fun, listening to him. nice to listen to people who are really into monsters, especially from the older days. so there's that. oh & adam also does these Horrified segments, actors / etc tell real life stories about experiences they've had. some are funny scary, funny, & some are kinda spooky as hell. the sid haig one kinda made me cry, hit really close to home. that one choked a lot of people up tho.

so yeah, if you haven't checked his place out yet, you might like it.
he's a BIG LOVER of Yankee Candles too..says, he couldn't live without em. : )

Rot said...

we used to listen to the moviecrypt all the time, but I got away from it.
And I've never checked out his blog, so i'll definitely do that. I love those guys.

Evil Vines said...

Hey Rot, speaking of looking for new content, I ran across this "pharmacy" website today and immediately thought of your blog. Maybe you've seen it already? Be sure to click on the various page translations available at the top of the page. The vampire bat translation was my favorite.

Rot said...

never saw it, so thanks!