Friday, March 17, 2017

Begging For Candy


Unknown said... always, these little guys start the weekend off great!

girl6 said...

you GOTTA be the werewolf!!!
Just..wear your michael myers mask too & they'll KNOW it's YOU. it'a a win win!!!

Happy St.Pat's Day!!!
Philly got a reprieve & we're allowed to eat corned beef today on this lenten friday because of St. Pat's Day. hahahahaha. those Vatican suckers!!! i'm still having my pete's famous flounder grinder cause it's heaven!!!!!

Jay's Shadow said...

Well, I'd say I would want to be a werewolf.

The victim might have a chance to live if they give me a treat and a belly rub..........

Willow Cove said...

Yeah my fam will know it's me if I'm a werewolf because of my kaki cargo
shorts ( that I wear year round).

girl6 said...

& think how great a werewolf would look with a matte black claw pedi.