Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Reed Family Abduction

In 1966, the same year the family moved to the farm, the young brothers purportedly had their first extraterrestrial experience. For Thom, though only 6 years old at the time, the images are still vivid. Their bedroom was on the second floor of a big old farmhouse, and one night, after they’d gone to bed, they had a strange feeling, he says. Scared, they wandered into the hall and saw two figures appear at the top of the stairs—“ghosts,” the boys called them.

Click the image for a fantastic interview with Thom Reed.


Hal9thou said...

Interesting food for thought. Abduction stories are the most controversial of UFO lore. The Hill a and Walton stories so far have seem to passed the test of time. I think Travis Walton is not being totally honest. Maybe the movie screwed him totally. Google and see his true description of the event. Out there is an understatement.


girl6 said...

i didn't know anything about this case. after listening to this guy's story, i have so many questions & soooooooo many things came to mind. such familiar circumstances as with so many other weird occurrences in this world. like the single mom struggling with kids scenario, seems to be like the universal portal for the supernatural, ET's & all other unexplained entities. that alone, actually scares me more, than what the entity actually is or it's intent. because, it is very aware of the importance of being Slick. & that is creepy. also, got me thinking of The MothMan appearances that have cropped up over the years.

i guess the one thing in this guy's story that touched me the most was his mention of the alien(s) adjusting their height via he & his brother. & actually, his experiences did not feel scary or threatening to me. what was scary & horrible were the VERY bizarre deaths of his pops & the others. that part of his story reminded of what happened to Karen Silkwood when she was about to blow the whistle on that horrible nuclear factory she worked for. brrrrrrrr. so horrible that she was murdered for trying to do the right thing!! brrrrrrrr.

Thom seems pretty credible to me. but, like that old saying goes, "one man's meat is another man's poison" i imagine everyone has something they really believe in. while i'm open to OTHER & different types of entities actually existing & some of their stories do creep me out, i'm not afraid. i'm ok with it. especially, with the torture that humans inflict upon animals & other humans on a daily basis. i do think a little tolerance of each others beliefs could go a long way in this world.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!....cause, this also got me thinking of Phantasm, when Thom mentioned the orb or sphere? & the other dimension? & i'm NOT making fun of his story, i'm actually thinking what a COOL twist that was in Phantasm. Aliens!!! who woulda guessed that was the deal. : )))))))))))

there's SO much out there in this world.
be open & you'll definitely see more of it.