Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Halloween III: October 19th, 2018

Some news on the upcoming HALLOWEEN film...


highbury said...

So it's technically Halloween III, but not the original Halloween III because THIS Halloween III will have Michael Myers. Can we at least have a cameo from Tom Atkins?? :) I'm okay with this one, having all those powerhouse names attached to it, especially that Carpenter fellow. The countdown begins now!

Rot said...

I'm on board. Would love if it's set in the 80s.
Would LOVE a Tom Atkins appearance....would die of pure joy if at some point there's a distant TV playing a Silver Shamrock commercial.

girl6 said...

i have SO many questions!!! who will play Loomis? i am very concerned about this, because, Pleasence is the Governor of that gig & who can properly fill those wing tip shoes of his? idk. i put all my faith tho in those boys, especially, Danny McBride, he is a genius & this is going to be the year that he shines the brightest!?! i trust em all 110% & they better not muck it up. : D

i was so excited while reading this!!!!!!! so, i don't know if i comprehended everything in the best way, but, man, Suspiria too????? now, i don't feel so great about that one. everything that was special about Suspiria, was because of Argento (during that time) so if you take Argento away, alls ya got is some chick who attends a school full of witches. idk. couldn't you just maybe make another movie sorta like that & leave Suspiria alone. i'll try to be a little supportive tho.<3

Rot....have you ever seen the aussie film...Wake in Fright, with Donald Pleasence?'s sorta like a horror film, emotionally i guess, sorta like that Heart of Darkness vibe. crazzzzzzy asss film..HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! made me love DP even more!!

Rot said...

I wonder if they'll have loomis as not making it through the blast?

Never saw Wake in Fright...definitely adding it to The List.