Friday, December 22, 2017

Mutant Maggots Macabre Creations: The Art Of Leon Crompton

This talented artist and creator of vile things passed away recently.  May he be in the land of perpetual Autumn, where Halloweens (and Guy Fawkes Days) last a billion years, with bonfires, falling leaves like snow, and an endless sea of pumpkins smiling fire.

His instagram here.


Unknown said...

Leon’s passing was a huge impact on me. He was such an inspiration, a willing co-conspirator on any project, ready to share any technique or advice to help other haunt artists push their boundaries of creativity, and he was one of the most light-hearted friends I’ve known. Although we never met physically, our relationship felt so natural and easy - like one of those friends you might not see for years and then pick up where you left off. I will miss his inspiration, art and easy friendship.

I found myself angry with the universe that with so many heartless people deserving to be taken away from us, that it feels like it’s almost always the kind, inspiring people who have to go. I hope his artistic creations find homes where they can continue to inspire people and remind them of one of the best haunters I’ve know.

Leon, may you wander this universe to discover even more fantastic realms. Farewell mate...

Willow Cove said...

So sad. I love his work.
Rest In Peace, Leon

Ragged Grin said...

I believe that somewhere Leon is ordering a round for the house and smiling like only he could. Well deserved, my friend, well deserved.

girl6 said...

Oh no. : (((((((
i bet tho..Ray Harryhausen was there to welcome him home to that great monster making studio in the sky. imagine that happy moment. : )