Friday, December 15, 2017

The Porch For Christmas

Over the years...

People at Work:  "I guess you make evil elves for Christmas?"
Me:  "No."

People at Work:  "You probably put out the Grinch for Christmas?"
Me:  "No."

People at Work:  "I guess you hate Christmas."
Me:  "No."

People at Work:  "I bet you do a dead Santa for Christmas?"
Me:  "I'll kill you."

I told someone today I made a Nativity scene with rats.  Three wise rats, two happy parent rats, and in an old tin can cut in half longways and filled with hay - 9 pink baby rats.

I dig Christmas.


Lady M said...

Love that owl! The rat nativity sound pretty swell too.

Willow Cove said...

Aw, 9 pinkies. Or when they grow fur- fuzzies.
Snakes love 'em.

Rot said...

one of these years i'll actually build a rat nativity...but until then i'll continue to lie about it.

Anonymous said...

I told my wife I would do a nativity in skeletons. She said a firm NO.

I also thought of doing eight skeleton ponies (from home depot) and a skeleton Santa.

Unknown said...

Yule. I eat some mushrooms and go berserk for Woden.

Primwitch69 said...

Very nice! I love everything!

Sean said...

I put out my cemetery columns and a portion of my fence along the front. Adorned with large red ribbons and wreaths on the coach lamps its very festive looking.

girl6 said...

because that's what a certain type of person does.
they don't get it.

BIG Wyeth once said..Christmas was his favourite holiday & Halloween was a very close second. funny tho...cause Big & Lil Wyeth have honoured Halloween way more in their paintings than either of them ever have Xmas. they understood. they got it. & that's why THEY ARE who they are.

Pumpkin5 said...

Awwwww....I love the magic of colored lights. :)

Unknown said...

I often wonder if people who do Christmas big time get the reverse question, "Do you do Halloween big too?" My guess the answer is "nope."

It's just assumed that if you do ONE holiday big you must do 'em all & that's just not the case for reasons from money & time to weather & love for one holiday over the other.

I'd do Christmas bigger if it weren't so cold for the breakdown. We may have decent weather to put stuff up but by January it's too cold to spend too much time outside taking it all down.

Well, too cold for me.