Friday, December 15, 2017

TRON Original Bike Scene With Daft Punk And Some Editing

This was fun to watch.

The first time I saw the original TRON it was at a friend's house and we had rented the video cassette from a local rental store in a strip mall.  His parents were home and his ancient grandmother was visiting at the time.  So they sat in the living room and watched this for the first time as we did.  I can recall being uncomfortable as there was no way the elders would understand what was about to happen.  As TRON was weird and unusual (and cutting edge for the time).

I can recall their disgust with such an odd film, and the grandmother condescendingly adding "THEY SHOULD PAY YOUUUU TO WATCH THIS FILM!"

They hated it.

Click below:


Anonymous said...

I remember being so excited when my dad brought this video home. He and I enjoyed it. My mom, not so sure.

girl6 said...

Ahhhhhhh that's VERY Nice.
i LOVE that movie.<333

one 4th of july we had our friends John & David (they're a couple) over for a barbecue along with my mom. after dinner we decided to watch a horror movie. so we picked Cannibal..that 2006 German film based on a true story about a couple that meet on line. one wants to be eaten & one wants to be the eater. so we're all kinda shocked at the imagery & we all look down the couch at my mom, to see her reaction...she's just pushing up her glasses & enjoying her popcorn. hahahahhahaa.

family members tho.. : D