Friday, December 22, 2017

Red Band Trailer: The Shape Of Water

Click below (thanks, girl6, knew nothing about this one):


Anonymous said...

I’ve seen this trailer several times now. Looks decent.

girl6 said...

awhile back Guillermo was asked to be in charge of the Dark Universe..the reboots of the Universal Monster World & he declined. he now says..saying no to that is his only regret. i think he was tied up with The Hobbit & Mountains of Madness & they both fell thru. real bummers. he's always wanted to do a version of Frankenstein. i bet his version of the Hobbit woulda been very different.

i just think i AM GOING to LOVE "the shape of water." even the title is so poetic. i feel that Guillermo REALLY loves the old monsters. he says, there will always be monsters in his movies..always!! & his heroes are sucha strange mix of brave & little Aurora in Cronos. strangest little hero. i love how his mind works & his heart beats. because now...the hero is just an everyday girl who steals the heart of an ancient water god with hard boiled eggs.<333're the BEST for helping out Guillermo. i feel like he's still so underrated. he needs help out there. : )

girl6 said...

soooooooooooo good.
it's Amelie meets Breakfast at Tiffany's with some Delicatessen thrown in. But man..even better, if that's possible. i HAD to snag the art book. LOVE.

girl6 said...

HE WON!!!! Guillermo Won!!!
BEST Director & BEST Picture for Shape of Water!!!

i cried.
Finally. Guillermo & Monsters..Champs.
i am SO HAPPY. : )