Tuesday, December 26, 2017


It was in the pale garden of Zaïs;
The mist-shrouded gardens of Zaïs,
Where blossoms the white nephalotë,
The redolent herald of midnight.
There slumber the still lakes of crystal,
And streamlets that flow without murm’ring;
Smooth streamlets from caverns of Kathos
Where brood the calm spirits of twilight.
And over the lakes and the streamlets
Are bridges of pure alabaster,
White bridges all cunningly carven
With figures of fairies and daemons.
Here glimmer strange suns and strange planets,
And strange is the crescent Banapis
That sets ’yond the ivy-grown ramparts
Where thickens the dust of the evening.
Here fall the white vapours of Yabon;
And here in the swirl of vapours
I saw the divine Nathicana.

H.P. Lovecraft

Images by lokisurfer.

Lovecraft poem here.


girl6 said...


when i was a kid..i would ride the "C" bus straight up Broad Street & near Temple Univ..i would see this odd looking, sorta like a real pale punk kinda dude & he always wore a black Lovecraft t.shirt. i remember thinking, what was up with this dude? like what did that tiny lovecraft word mean on his t.shirt? the type was SO small. looked homemade to me. it really pulled me in!!!! i wanted to know everrrrrrything about Lovecraft, because, of this strange dude. and so my eternal research began. & it's STILL a work in progress. Lovecraft still delights & surprises me all these yrs later.

eventually..i stopped seeing my mystery dude. i wonder where he is today? i STILL think about him. hope he's ok. maybe, he was the ghost of Lovecraft.<333

Rot said...

wow...GREAT story.

Dude achieved what he was hoping for with that shirt!

lokisurfer said...

For you to notice my work and deem it worthy of inclusion here is remarkable to me. These Things were among the first I made, inspired by you.
Thanks , belatedly.

Rot said...

MY pleasure. I love your stuff.