Monday, June 10, 2019

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

Saw this film over the weekend and absolutely loved it  I felt like a child again seeing massive beautiful monsters.  And what I wasn't expecting was that they were scary.  Rodan and Ghidorah were menacing and you felt it.  And you wanted to see them defeated. 

I thought the below video showing the scoring sessions felt a lot like the way the film felt.

Click below:


K.O. said...

Nice!! I really want to see it.

Autumnleaf said...

Awesome music.

girl6 said...

it was soooooo gorgeous on IMAX!!! i think the 3 main leads were spot on with their performances. sometimes with such a grandiosa plot..i think there's a tendency for actors to wanna dial it up wayyyy too much, but, not with these guys. perfect deliveries & directing.

awwwwww & Mothra!!! it was so hard not to squeal every time she fluttered onto the BIG screen. she was so beautiful & dream like. Mike D. was very adamant about keeping her pureness intact while STILL being sucha BadAss too. he totally did her justice..lovely. & his soft spot/love for Rodan was so evident in that wonderful scene of Rodan bowing down so majestically to Godzilla at the end..gahhhhh. & seeing Charles Dance is always sucha classy treat.<3

Mike D. was crazy it was filming all day & then spending his evenings writing the next "Godzilla vs Kong" (2020) installment in this film series. he's not directing it tho. i heard the creative license expires with that release..then it bounces back to Toho.

Rot said...

I too found Mothra to be something pure and almost religious.