Friday, June 14, 2019

Now Playing: Something Wicked This Way Comes

By James Horner.


Unknown said...

The remake is in pre-pre-production hell. Not even sure that I want a remake. If someone weird and brilliant directed it, like Terry Gilliam, I'd be on board.

Yeah, I chose Terry Gilliam because he's worked with Jonathan Price a lot.

girl6 said...

man..i was just thinking about Mr. Ray the other day. i CAN'T believe it's been 7yrs ago this month since he passed away. Ray really IS King Halloween for sure, but, he also has sucha strong hold on all that is summer for me as well. i will never look at a dandelion patch the same way again. i HATE summer. but, anything good about summer IS ALL because of..Mr.Ray, his 12yr old Douglas Spaulding & dandelions.