Saturday, June 11, 2022

Ghost Q&A

Q  how do you know you’re a ghost
A  it’s the sliding

Q  is it like sleep
A  like scything

Q  do you feel old or young
A  space and time are wrong

Q  do you eat, is there food
A  the sliding affects my nerves

Q  what about up and down
A  just vectors

Q  do you have language
A  aren’t I talking to you

Q  I mean grammar
A  the verb

Q  that is a contradiction
A  no it isn’t

Q  just testing
A  have I had this dream before

Q  yet you’re also awake
A  I contradict myself all the time

Q  do you see people can you see me
A  if you close your eyes

Q  what about moods
A  the edges are freezing

Q  is that good
A  yes

Q  is it crowded
A  are you joking

Q  are there ghosts in this room
A  most of the objects here are ghosts

Q  really
A  have you been to Paris

Q  no
A  Paris is a ghost

Q  no it’s not
A  have you read Thomas Pynchon

Q  but we digress
A  a ghost has no right angles

Q  how do you relax
A  swimming

Q  who is that man
A  he does the zeroes

Q  did you say swimming
A  I saw you at Saks once buying makeup in the middle of the night

Q  wasn’t me
A  it was the night the counter flooded

Q  no
A  you can’t put one in till you take one out

Q  one what
A  zero

Q  does your hair keep growing
A  yes but it is apples

- Anne Carson


Willow Cove said...

Such a strange poem. I had to look her up.
Awesome picture!

Rot said...

Totally agree. It's highly unusual, but something had me going back to it again and again.

Mike C(JASONV123) said...

I had to read it twice, but a fitting image!!