Saturday, June 11, 2022

Halloween Party Food: The Night Walker Cheddar Cheese

We are pleased to offer Deer Creek’s latest Limited Edition cheese just in time for Halloween entertaining. The Night Walker is an eighteen-month, wood box cured sweet finish cheddar that has taken a long soak in a bath of J. Henry and Sons Small Batch 5-year Aged Wisconsin Bourbon! The cheese’s long butterscotch and toffee notes are complemented by the bourbon’s warming depth, with subtle a vanilla bouquet, and undertones of toasty cinnamon.

Pair with Stouts & Porters, Cognac & Ports. Serve with apples of the season, dried cherries, fig cakes, dark chocolate and/or toasted butter pecans.

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Wren said...

This sounds insanely good.

Rot said...

Yeah. This place is gonna get a huge order from me.. Just a feeling I'm having. LOADS of neat salamis there...and, of course, the cheese. Which I'll be featuring occasionally. haha