Friday, July 22, 2022

Annual Pumpkin Ale Reviews

Sure, there's no disputing tastes, but this IG account will come in handy when the pumpkin ales start hitting the stores.  Co-run by a favorite Halloween artist too.

Click below...

Thanks, Wren!  


Revenant Manor said...

I will trust Sam Heimer implicitly on all things pumpkin, and stuff like this is going to be a huge money saver:

"This beer is a game of “What’s in my mouth?” An unpleasant mix of undefined flavors. Medium body and very confused. 0 OUT OF 10."

"Imagine Bluto with a pumpkin on his head, you’ve got this beer. We’ll stick with canned spinach. 2 OUT OF 10."

This is a valuable resource!

Wren said...

Just a few more weeks!

Haunted Eve said...

I'm loving the devil mask/bust in that photo!

Mike C(JASONV123) said...

Can't wait for all the pumpkin things!
I started drinking pumpkin ales years ago, the best one at the time i had tried was cottonwood pumpkin ale, after 2 years they stopped producing it. Now years later the pumpkin beers have evolved and I can't wait!!

Rot said...

I intend to try a bunch this season. I always seem to pick ones that are too sweet, and I quit early in the season. I'll make more of an effort.